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Industry Leaders.

THE Science

The KZ1 Difference

We believe that every life matters tremendously and have dedicated KZ1 to making life-changing products. We refuse to compromise on product purity, quality, safety, efficacy, or affordability. We measure “success” in the difference our products make in human lives.

Our advanced science unlocks each body’s natural capacity for vibrant health, to help the body naturally achieve wellness from within.

The Body is Intelligent

Our bodies know what to do to be healthy. And when we give them what they need, they can thrive. Well-designed supplements incorporate sound bio-medicinal chemistry and deep understanding of how the body uses nutrients of all kinds to produce remarkable results.

Cellular Communication

Every moment of the day, our brain is sending signals to the cells in our body. When the signals don't reach their destination, they need to be resent over and over again until they finally reach the cells that need to take action. When we don’t process these signals quickly enough, we get the sense of being overwhelmed by our environment.

The more efficiently those signals are sent, the more energy we have to do other things. Our products help your body to communicate these signals more clearly, allowing us to do more things by using less energy.

Proprietary Molecular Activation Technology (MAT)

We believe your cells have the intelligence to know how to perform; they just need the tools to do it.

Our proprietary Molecular Activation Technology (MAT) is designed to deliver the building blocks your cells need to function optimally. This benefits every organ and function found within your body!

Cells with intelligence have power. Powerful cells optimize your body. An optimal body gives you the EDGE.

Why Extracts

KZ1 uses extracts, not juices, from the most nutrient-dense superfruits. Extracts come from the leaves, roots, flowers, and other various parts of the plant. Combined, they deliver a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, omegas, and phytonutrients—along with some of the greatest health and nutrient benefits on the market.

The healthiest extracts are those that maintain purity throughout farming, harvesting, and processing. KZ1 is committed to ensuring each ingredient comes from the highest quality sources.



Thymus Sustances    
Colostrum Extract    
Ginger Root Extract    
Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelia Extract    
Olive Leaf Extract    
Agaricus Blazei Extract    
Maitake Extract    
Shiitake extract    
Ferulic Acid    
Beet Root Extract    
Fucoidan (Brown Seaweed)  
Grape Seed Extract  
Acai Extract  
Goji Extract  
Mangosteen Extract  
Seabuckthorn Extract  
Noni Extract  
Gac Extract  
Blue Agave Nectar  
Blueberry Extract  
Pomegranate Extract  
Aloe Vera Extract
Ganoderma (Reshi) Mushroom Extract

key benefits

key benefits

Increased Development of Immune Cells    
Reduced Allergic Inflammation    
Improved Breathing    
Superior Allergy Defense    
Cellular Communication    
Cellular Energy Management  
Mental Energy Management  
Mental Focus Management  
Memory Management  
Immune System Support  
Quick Recovery Management  
Physical Energy Management
Mood Management
Appetite Management
Stress Management  
Endurance Management  
Sleep Management
Inflammation Management

ingredients to avoid

ingredients to avoid

No Added Sugar
No Added MSG
No High Fructose Corn Syrup
No Corn Sugar
No Aspartame
No Filler Juices
No Sodium Benzoate