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KZ1 empowers our Distributors to generate a rewarding income through the proven and simple method of Relationship Marketing. Whether face-to-face or online, at KZ1, we take Relationship Marketing to a whole new level through social media, a state-of-the-art interactive website, video portals, mobile APPS and training modules.

We are constantly improving our back office tools, and are working to integrate just-in-time reporting and graphical interfaces, so our Distributors can see "where they are at a glance", and then, drill down to the supporting Data to get the details on their business growth...or impediments to growth.

And finally, as a practice, KZ1's view of relationship marketing differs from other companies, in that it recognizes the long term value of Customer and Distributor relationships and believes in the transparency of the corporate team and mission. We believe it is imperative that each Distributor know and understand the corporate culture of KZ1, and our commitment to serving with excellence and integrity.

Relationship Marketing Industry Facts:

  • $125 Billion Dollars Annual Global Sales Established in 150 Countries
  • Today Over 70 Million People are Involved in Relationship Marketing Worldwide and that number is expected to exceed 115 Million by 2020

Significant Industry Benefits:

  • Low start-up cost
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • No boss, You set your schedule
  • Tax benefits

How you earn


As an Independent Distributor, you can purchase KZ1 products from your personal Virtual Office at 'Distributor cost' prices and then sell them directly to Retail Customers at the Suggested Retail Price which creates Retail Profit for you.


KZ1 also provides a personal replicated retail website for Distributors. This is where you can have Retail Customers purchase directly from the Company at a Suggested Retail Price and earn Retail Bonus Sales Commissions on those sales.


The Preferred Customer (or PC) Program is an incentive program for both Customers and Distributors.

Customers get a 25% discount on Products and FREE shipping, with no membership required.

Distributors can earn a Preferred Customer Bonus (PCB) of 20% Cash Back of PC Product Price. As a Distributor your PC product’s Personal Volume (PV) will count as YOUR Personal Volume (PV). Product's Business Volume (BV) goes to your weak side.


When you personally enroll a new Distributor on a Bronze, Silver or Gold Pack, you have the potential to earn a bonus commission.


The KZ1 Dual Binary Team model, commonly referred to as a "Binary Team", is a distinguishing feature of the KZ1 hybrid compensation plan model; it encourages Teams to work together. Unlike a pure Uni-level, which is what the Fast Start and Director Check Match Commissions are based on, the Binary Team Bonus (BTB) embraces "sharing" of Team members; the Binary Marketing Organization (BMO) allows people to benefit from one another’s efforts resulting in spillover of Business Volume.

This truly builds a spirit of teamwork and shared benefit that is not found in a pure Uni-level only compensation plan. Your Binary Marketing Organization has two "legs" or sides. When you enroll a new Preferred Challenge Customer or Distributor, you have the option of placing them in your Binary Marketing Organization on either your right or your left leg. Distributors both upline and downline, within your Binary Marketing Organization, may also place their personally enrolled in your Binary Marketing Organization, which creates the shared benefits as sales within the Binary Marketing Organization generates Business Volume (BV).

When you become Binary Team Bonus Qualified (BTBQ'd), you can potentially earn bonuses based on Business Volume driven by the efforts of your Binary Marketing Organization, which consists of all Preferred Challenge Customers and Distributors who are placed below you, by either yourself, or others above or below you in the Binary Marketing Organization. Your entire team can qualify to be paid on the same shared volume!


The Director Check Match (DCM) is part of the 55% rule guarantee that KZ1 pays weekly company-wide based on global Binary Business Volume (BV)

The DCM is paid on generations in your Personal Marketing Organization. A generation is completed in your organization when you have a qualified Director with a Sales Achievement Rank of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Pearl, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Caribbean Diamond or Ambassador Pearl. This is unlike levels, because a generation could encompass many people before a Director ends that generation, or pool of people you are paid on.

The number of generations on which you may earn is dependent on your Pay Rank achieved by Business Close each week. The higher your Pay Rank; the higher your earning potential.


As an acknowledgement of our KZ1 Leaders commitment to achieve the top ranks of Ambassador and to continue supporting the Company and their Personal and Binary Marketing Organizations, they may become eligible to participate in the Ambassador Leadership Bonus Pool consisting of up to 1% of all Global Binary Business Volume.

The Ambassador Leadership Bonus Pool allocation is calculated based on earning Ambassador Points. A Distributor may obtain points in a calendar quarter by achieving a Pay Rank of Ambassador Pearl or higher by Business Close Day that is within the quarter. A maximum of one Ambassador Point may be earned per week by a Distributor. The total Ambassador Leadership Bonus Pool amount accumulated within the calendar quarter is divided by the number of Ambassador Points earned by all qualified Distributors to calculate the value of each Ambassador point awarded to a Distributor.





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